Laboratory of The Green Empower Organization

The lab site of The Green Empower Organization will be utilized for many functions pertaining to experimentation and research. It will serve as a cache for projects and endeavors that have not yet matured to the point of availability under another organizational umbrella.

We are interested in many areas. Generally we would like to produce products and systems that are cheaper and better than what exists and is available.

We shall seek to make ourselves substantial in consumer electronics.

We are interested in advancing high tech fabrication.

We are interested in battery development. Specifically we shall seek to develop batteries that are safer, cheaper, cleaner, lighter, higher in capacity and more practical to charge than traditional technologies. More specifically we are interested in carbon batteries and ...

We are interested in the fabrication of integrated circuits. We would like to see processors that are cheaper, faster, denser and more efficient in terms of power consumption and general usage. Specifically we are interested in using carbon in the place of silicon ...

We are interested in the development of display technologies. We want matrix displays that are cheaper and better quality. We seek to aid in the development of new display technologies. A full color reflective (rather than emissive) display technology is one product we seek.

We seek to develop consumer electronics. Specifically we will develop develop computing devices and systems for general and advanced use. We will develop personal computing devices and clusters.

As a part of our systems will develop our own operating system. Currently it shall be named GEOS (Green Empower Operating System).


I suppose that in our endeavors we shall seek to take on tech companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft.

I would first like to see our online service offerings rival the Google Suite and Microsoft's hold over services and apps such as GitHub and Minecraft - note that both of these were relatively recent acquisitions.

Additionally in the tech space I would like to more or less acquire what companies such as Facebook and twitter have as pertinence in the social media space.

Additionally all of the companies listed above seem to be dealing even more in data science. This area is one that we shall be making ourselves involved with and it will inform how we build everything else.

Automated Axial Fabrication

I used to do some cool work with 3D Printers and CNC machines.

Those were the times...

Specifically my aim is create cheaper and improved 3D Printers.

The system will incorporate permanent magnet stepper motors. It will use a new board that I design.

The board will be cheaper than most boards, but it should be designed for continued use.


We shall do media; specifically I am interested in doing ...